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Post independence when the country was advancing in various sectors ,unfortunately the broad coal industrial areas,especially Dishergarh Sanctoria (under Asansol Sub-Division)area unknowingly was still under the British Raj. Most of the collieries were British owned and the colliery workers were exploited by the owners ultimately.There was oppression of moneylenders too.Around 1950 when a Babu (British Managers called the Bengali Clerks)was humiliated by a Kabli (moneylenders from Kabul) ,the colliery workers felt the necessity to set up a credit co-operative with limited liability to get rid of the moneylenders.Thus the ‘MCNiel & Barry Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. was formed in 1954 with the employees of the Equitable Coal Company Ltd. it was registered on 23.04.1954 under the Bengal Co-operative Societies Act,1940 with the registration no. as 7 of 1954 .Later after nationalisation of the coal sector it was renamed as ‘Coal Mines Authority Ltd’s Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. as per memo no. 4357 of 18.03.1974 under the Bengal Co-operative Societies Act,1973.At that period it was the only credit society in coal sector. In 1978 co-operative purchased a land and started its operation in its own building. After complete amendment of bye-law on 17th July 2017 at present the name of the Society is ‘CMAL Employees’ Co-operative Multipurpose Society Ltd.’ with its registered office at Disergarh, Po.: Disergarh, Police Station: Kulti.District : Paschim Bardhaman, Pin : 713333.


  • The object of the society is social and economic betterment of its members.
  • To provide facilities for the exercise of Thrift and Share.
  • To grant loans and advances to its Members.
  • To grow a family relationship within the Members and the Society.


1.5 lakh insurance to every Member.

Loan Interest Rebate @ 5%.

Interest of TF/GF @ 7% which is more than PSU bank’s FD interest.

Giving maximum dividend @ 12%.

Award for excellence to the children of our Members.

Rs 1 Lac loan amount to 1st time loanee Members.



Sl.No. Period Chairman Secretary
1 14.10.1973 Mr Shambhu Nath Chatterjee Mr Tarak Nath Mukherjee
2 08.01.1977 Mr Shambhu Nath Chatterjee Mr Dhakhina Ranjan Ghosh
3 19.02.1977 Mr Shambhu Nath Chatterjee Mr Tarak Nath Mukherjee
4 16.07.1978 Mr Shiba Pada Banerjee Mr Tarak Nath Mukherjee
5 08.06.1980 Mr Tarak Nath Mukherjee Mr Panch Kori Acherjee
6 25.07.1982 Mr Shiba Pada Banerjee Mr Panch Kori Acherjee
7 23.07.1983 Mr Samiran Kr Chakraborty Mr Rabi Lochan Mukherjeee
8 24.03.1984 Mr Samiran Kr Chakraborty, Mr Ramapati Mukherjee & Mr Rabi Lochan Mukherjee (Board of Administrator)
9 09.03.1985 Mr Ranjit Nandi - Co-operative Development Officer (Administrator)
10 19.07.1985 Mr Srijib Banerjee Mr Sujal Sinha
11 06.08.1994 Mr Rabi Lochan Banerjee Mr Pradip Chatterjee
12 05.08.1995 Mr Debasis Ghosh Mr Amalendu Goswami
13 06.09.1998 Mr Bikash Sinha Mr Subal Chakraborty
14 09.10.2001 Mr Tapan Chatterjee Mr Bikash Sinha
15 09.02.2005 Mr Radheshyam Show Mr Paresh Ch Lahiri
16 06.08.2007 Mr Radheshyam Show Mr Tapas Chowdhury
17 14.02.2008 Mr Tapan Chatterjee Mr Debasis Ghosh
18 21.02.2012 Mr Subrata Chattopadhyay - Accountant cum Office Superintendent (Special Officer)
19 04.07.2012 Smt Kankana Pal - Co-operative Development Officer (Special Officer)
20 24.04.2013 Mr Ranjit Joseph Thakur Mr Debasis Ghosh
21 08.04.2018 Mr Haren Karmakar Mr Arun Kumar Sarkar


The Society was registered on 23.04.1954 under the ‘Bengal Co-operative Societies Act,1940’ and the Registration No. is 7 of 1954.The name of the Society at that time was ‘Mc Neil & Barry Employees’ Co-operative Ltd.Later the name changed to ‘Coal Mines Authority Ltd. Employees’ Co-operative Multipurpose Society Ltd.’ under the West Bengal Co-operative Society Act, 2006′.